Critics accused Trump's son of hypocrisy and playing the victim with his complaint about the "weaponisation of politics."
The message – flying over the Florida fairgrounds where Trump was speechifying – was funded by the progressive PAC MeidasTouch.
After the deadly insurrection of the US Capitol carried out by pro-Trump supporters, a group of veterans helped to clean the streets of Washington, D.C. and remove the marks left by the hatred and violence of January 6th. The effort was organised by the non-profit group Continue to Serve, a group of military veterans who support social justice causes including Black Lives Matter, voter safety and immigration.
It’s been a quiet year. Not much happened really. The sh*tshow that was 2020 in 220 seconds.
The president claimed the Democrats would never accept a stolen election, so many Twitter users pointed out that's what happened in 2000 and 2016.
President Trump appeared to forget something when leaving for the NATO summit - namely his wife, Melania. It’s not the first time the President has failed to wait for his wife - past instances include leaving her out in the rain while holding an umbrella, and expressing how much the First Lady “wanted to be here” while she was standing right next to him...
The first thing to remember is that while Trump’s ascent to the presidency in 2016 was certainly a surprise, the polls were not wildly inaccurate
The five things you need to know about politics today.
The U.S. President has never balked at the idea of a Twitter storm. And this time, an unfortunate brush with wind as he ascended Air Force One threw him at the mercy of the Twitterati. And true to form they were savage.
Is it Donald Trump at the end or a British woman? We're not sure.