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The UK Home Secretary Theresa May's decision to impose a ban on protest group 'Muslims Against Crusades' as of midnight tonight is highly likely to cause a storm of controversy.
A religious order that claims to be able to communicate with Jesus has started displaying anti-abortion posters outside a
MPs have voted against proposals to change the law governing advice given to women seeking abortion. Conservative MP Nadine
MPs are braced for a highly-charged showdown over plans to bar abortion providers from giving advice to pregnant women. In
The Times on Saturday described Keira Knightley as 'the cinema equivalent of Marmite'. Whether you admire or admonish her acting skills, editors seemed united about one thing this week: the British starlet makes for a rather more glamorous front-page photo than the riot splashes and Libya pictures of August. Seemingly starved of upbeat, positive things to write about, the British press looked to Venice this week and its A-list-littered film festival. Not, of course, that every article filed from the red carpets was positive.
I am all for sensible discussion of medical facts. But I absolutely defend my right to decide for myself whether I want children and when I want them.
The director of the campaign to change abortion laws in Britain is a Westminster lobbyist and a former approved Tory candidate
The debate around a woman's right to choose on abortion is often thought of as mainly about term limits. It's easy to forget that there are many more obstacles which can be put in the way of women seeking to end an unwanted pregnancy.
Abortion providers are motivated to increase their revenues and grow their market share. Like any business, they employ business development managers
The MP at the centre of attempts to force abortion clinics to provide independent counselling has claimed the Department