UK Conservative Party

The beleaguered prime minister is proving to be a major turn-off for those who backed the Conservatives at the last election.
The deputy Labour leader said she will publish the last 15 years of her tax returns if senior Tories do the same.
The Red Wall MP is known for his rather outspoken approach.
Dozens have now announced that they are standing down - with more set to follow them.
Andrew Griffith also insisted his party can win the general election.
The party is set to see its number of councillors halved in town halls across the country.
The prime minister "wouldn't say" if he was a member of the shadowy organisation.
Although the prime minister's track record does not exactly back her claim up.
The video has also been community-noted on X for some of its bizarre claims.
Liz Webster also took a jab at partygate, adding: "They're not telling the truth."