UK Foreign Office

The UK Foreign Office has advised against all travel to Lebanon.
"I feel like I've been kicked out, to be honest," one doctor – who has worked in the UK for four years – said.
Ministers are under fire after a former ally of Slobodan Milosevic spoke at the event.
Cuts to overseas spending will leave UK's global reputation "in tatters", Save The Children warns.
The government has changed its advice amid escalating tensions in the wake of Trump's assisination of Iranian general Soleimani.
The teenager was convicted of a single count of public mischief.
Anger at foreign secretary over 19-year-old's death and claims of diplomatic immunity afforded to woman allegedly involved.
Secretary of state says the children should "never have been subjected to the horrors of war".
Anne Sacoolas, the wife of a US diplomat, is believed to have been driving on the wrong side of the road when she hit Dunn’s motorbike.
Those of us who haven't been paid are resorting to a foodbank set up by our union – what message does that send out to the world and to people like me who work in a government department?