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Teachers reveal just how bad things are amid lockdown, and how on earth they plan to help kids catch up.
Campaigners say vulnerable communities are slipping through the cracks, meaning the pandemic will keep creeping back.
It was the Good Morning Britain presenter's first interview with the health secretary since her husband was hospitalised with Covid-19.
Hotel quarantine risks being the worst of both worlds: too weak to stop new variants, too strong for tourism jobs, writes Sarah Nickson.
People had previously been told to wait to be contacted for an appointment.
Government sources have downplayed reports of pubs being allowed to open without alcohol.
A pass to freedom and foreign travel – or cause of further chaos? Here are the pros, cons and how they could work.
Plan to get new variants under control, first revealed on January 27, will begin on February 15.
Keir Starmer has accused the government of causing "chaos and confusion".
The government is facing another big Tory rebellion, this time over the cladding scandal which has seen people trapped in unsafe, unsellable flats after the Grenfell disaster, because their buildings are covered in unsafe material. Boris Johnson’s lockdown caution is also causing consternation on the backbenches, as the vaccine rollout continues to move along at pace.
Transport secretary defended the government's record on border controls.
The government is cracking down amid concerns the schemes are driving debt.
Campaigners are calling for a public inquiry. Those who have been through one before have some words of advice
He and Susanna Reid outlined the government's failings in the pandemic during Wednesday's Good Morning Britain.
What's behind the soaring death and infection rates that have left 100,000 people dead?
Those who died from Covid after government urged people back to work were “lambs to the slaughter”, grieving family members say.
Jeremy Corbyn is among group that has called on Rishi Sunak to help people who cannot work from home.
The information blackout has reignited anger over the government’s handling of supplies for the NHS.