One minute everyone's going ga-ga for goji berries, the next minute the acai berry is the 'it' ingredient of the moment. Like
It is widely and quite bluntly presumed that you are either creative, or you are not. To one person a lamppost can be the inspiration behind a thriller crime-scene novel set on that particular street-lit corner; and to some one else, it might just be a lamppost.
I liken the experience to childbirth: absolutely relentlessly hellish in parts, goes on painfully for a good long while but when it's all over and done, the feeling is of euphoria and achievement...and any tough memories are instantly erased. And, like having babies, I know I'll sign up for another at some point soon.
From fried guinea pig and cat-poo coffee beans to live octopus and birds' saliva soup, see our pick of the most weird and
A blinkered, head-down approach will get the job done, but now is the most opportune time to think creatively. There's never been a stronger argument for standing out, and for taking a considered, measured step outside of your usual parameters to achieve this.
At age 84, I'm glad I made it to the top of Kilimanjaro and back down again, but truth is I missed my wife, Beth. We've been married for 63 years, and we're pretty much inseparable.
The past has always been my main source of inspiration. When designing for Peacocks, making my own dresses or planning my stationary and soft furnishing lines, I always look to antiques and vintage fashion for ideas - both of which are found in abundance in my local town of Frome. Tucked away in the Somerset countryside, the cobbled streets of this Saxon parish contain some of the most adorable second-hand shops and vintage textile stores in the country.