uk marriage

"Just saw the new Venom movie, also known as 90 minutes of my wife saying 'ooh' every time Tom Hardy is on screen."
"Married sext: my headache is going away."
"Wives only want one thing: to open your eyes because your keys are literally right there in front of your face."
Shai Fishman and his wife of 21 years broke up after opening up their relationship – but there was still a happy ending.
"My wife just threw away bubble wrap without popping it. Just like that. I'm married to a psychopath."
Four women who were married – and divorced – in their twenties tell the full story.
"The cashier was flirting with my husband and I'm upset cuz I thought she was gonna give us free chips or something."
"My husband woke up and started a new project and he could have just told me he wanted to fight."
"Thoughts and prayers to my husband who just said I was 'over reacting.'"
Prepare yourself for the 'unravelling' stage.