uk marriage

"My wife said we need to 'evaluate the garage' so there goes my weekend."
"I found that living life in an unscripted way made people uncomfortable."
"I told her to just say you want a "my child" free wedding and get over with it."
"My dog sets an impossible bar for how I should greet my wife when she comes home."
"I told everyone to leave me alone and actually muted the group to avoid any further discussion."
"Can you fall in love in an instant? Maybe, but I think this feeling had been building for a long time without me realising it. Can you change in an instant? Absolutely and hell yes."
"Sixty was the age of leaving the house and returning for the car keys, the age of 'have you seen my glasses?' Who left a marriage at this point?"
These changes in behavior could indicate your significant other has checked out of the relationship, experts say.
"I feel that his daughters are forever trying to tear us apart, and that all they ever want is to have their father all to themselves."