uk marriage

"My husband just started watching a Hallmark Christmas movie and he won't turn it off is there a hotline I can call."
The Disney Channel alum and the former Pittsburgh Pirate have reportedly wed after about three years together.
"A Christmas miracle but it’s my husband finally getting an iPhone after a decade of ruining group texts."
"I highly recommend that all singles try to date the next single sex therapist that they meet."
"Sorry we're late, my husband had to drive around the parking lot 5 times till he found a spot he liked."
"That morning, I’d checked my bank account and realised my husband had visited the ATM at 2 a.m. and taken all our money. I was alone with three kids and $50."
"My wife thinks I'm mad at her but I'm not mad at her but she doesn't believe me so now she's mad at me."
"I could have walked away when Steve told me he was mostly interested in men, but I didn't. I felt something beautiful and true blossoming, and I stayed."
"My husband lost his voice so I get to speak for him now and it’s amazing how many of our longest running arguments I’ve suddenly won."