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So you don't have a "village" of other parents. Don't stress.
Stay-at-home mums say it’s a far cry from the old June Cleaver image of a parent who spends any time she’s not with her children to cooking and housekeeping.
“I feel like I am juggling everything on my own and every day I am struggling to make ends meet,” one mum tells HuffPost UK.
"I started sending money home instead of visiting and avoided her phone calls; when I said 'I love you' it felt like a lie."
"Even walks around the block at work during lunchtime could result in wet pants and a moist desk chair ... It was humiliating."
Corinne Card was in the bath when she reached down and felt what she thought was her baby's head...
There are many positives to being able to breastfeed babies, but we need to get real about the difficulties too.