uk parliament

The money will help the former prime minister defend himself against claims he misled parliament.
Members of Parliament found themselves caught up in porn scandals, Spice Girl beef and jungle life. And that's just the Tories.
One user compared it to "turkey says it will not be standing for nation's favourite pet this Christmas."
"You can’t carry on in this manner, taking this house for granted."
Former chancellor Rishi Sunak looks like he is heading to No.10.
The new King promised "faithfully to follow" the example of the late Queen in a formal ceremony at Westminster Hall.
The Palace of Westminster is in a state of disrepair and urgently needs restoration works.
Children are waiting months for visas or being rejected because of the current rules.
MPs praised Charlie King who called for "more transparency" in influencer culture.
Perched atop a golden throne, bedecked in some of the finest clothes in all the kingdom, Prince Charles seemed just a teensy bit out of touch as he pledged that Parliament would help families struggling with rising costs.