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Liberal Democrats' role in the Coalition Government offers the party a chance to re-define its foreign policy thinking, much as the Orange Book re-defined aspects of its economic thinking.
The small Southern Cone nation of Uruguay made global headlines when their national team placed 4th in last year's Football
Each year when Northern Ireland's marching season comes round, we are reminded of the tensions which still exist on the streets
Getting pregnant is still a phenomenally dangerous thing to do in a country like Sierra Leone which still does not have nearly enough qualified doctors or midwives; or Afghanistan where women and children pay a heavy price from both the conflict and their own low social status.
There is widespread Baloch support for the restoration of independence. The recent wave of disappearances and assassinations is evidence of Pakistan's increasingly desperate attempts to crush the burgeoning Baloch self-determination movement.
Emergency legislation to reverse a controversial legal ruling on police bail will go through all stages in the Commons on
My name is Louise Phillips, and I used to be a Liberal Democrat press officer. It's been almost a year since I left the party, and over 14 months since the General Election when we went into coalition with the Tories. And to get things straight right off the bat, no, that's not why I left.
While David Flory awaits trial, I can't help but be amused that the story about a physics professor running a prostitution ring has caused such a scandal. It seems to be the science thing
Former cabinet minister Michael Portillo will chair a £55 million scheme to help arts organisations develop a long-term approach
The 2011 local election results were understandably greeted with enthusiasm by Conservatives. Pundits predicted losses of up to 500 council seats, but in the end the Conservatives gained 80. The national voter share of 35% was almost equivalent to Labour's 37%. Not bad for a party that has had to take some tough economic decisions.