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Ivan Kuliak faces possible disciplinary action for his "shocking behaviour" at the Gymnastics World Cup event in Doha.
“We sincerely hope that the boys will return home as soon as possible," Ukraine’s State Border Guard Service wrote Saturday.
The AP correspondent reported from Kyiv in English, Luxembourgish, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.
"Minutes after Putin gives the order, missiles and bombs could be landing on Ukrainian cities."
A raft of fresh sanctions is to be imposed on Russia by the European Union, according to British government sources. In a
With EU and Western leaders piling pressure on Vladimir Putin with financial sanctions, Russia has retaliated by launching
David Cameron is busy talking tough about what sanctions Vladimir Putin and Russia could be hit in response to their backing
The Dutch Foreign Minister has expressed his country's anger at claims the bodies of those killed on flight MH17 are being
Not before time, it appears, the West is reining in its clients in Kiev and urging them to refrain from using the Ukrainian army to put down opposition in the east of the country. Good sense has prevailed at last in Western capitals and further bloodshed will hopefully be avoided in Donetsk and Lugansk.
I don't see why it would be such a tragedy if Ukraine and Russia redrew their borders, with one, all-important proviso: that it is done in accordance with the wishes of the majority of the people in the region affected, as expressed in a fairly-conducted referendum. After all, that's what is planned for the people of Scotland...