United Airlines

One passenger said she “heard a big bang and the plane started to shake violently.”
United Airlines employees at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey recently told a passenger that her emotional support peacock wouldn’t be able to accompany her on her flight.
Sounds like a real life “Home Alone 2” scenario but with far less holiday cheer.
Worrying result for national flag carrier.
British Airways has slumped to third from bottom in an annual survey of short-haul airlines. The carrier achieved a customer
A review finds that Chicago Department of Aviation employees mishandled the incident and their reports on it.
Have you forgotten BlackBerry advertising #rimjobs? Or the good people of Chester literary festival inviting us all to join their #clitfest? Surely you remember #susanalbumparty? There are numerous examples of company marketing and PR departments failing to think clearly about the hashtags they're using and condemning themselves to internet notoriety.