Victoria Wood

One year on from the death of Victoria Wood, the comedy world is still in shock from losing another of its biggest stars
The world of comedy is mourning the loss of Victoria Wood, who has sadly died at the age of 62, following a short battle
The entertainment world is mourning the loss of a true legend, following the news Victoria Wood has died.  It was announced
Victoria Wood has died aged 62. The beloved comedian, actress and writer passed away following a short battle with cancer
This second, concluding part of Victoria Wood's relaxed wander through the world of tea, concentrated on the sociable aspect
Ahh, we all know there’s nothing like a nice cup of tea. Whether we need to zip up our energy, to slow it down, need some
From the pen of Victoria Wood came this moving and memorable drama about the life of Joyce Hatto, a piano-playing virtuoso
So many funny women on our TV screens these days, it's easy to take for granted that, only a generation or so ago, these
Victoria Wood became the first woman to receive the top prize from the Writers' Guild Awards last night, after she was honoured
My mum never goes to the theatre but the offer to join me at Victoria Wood's new musical play, That Day We Sang, was met with an instant acceptance: "Victoria Wood?"