A timeline of all the complicated events which have unfolded in Wisconsin, US, over the last 14 months.
Video shows a red SUV speeding through the annual holiday event in Waukesha. Adults and children were among the victims.
It's been defeat after stinging defeat for the president.
These 2020 battleground states are still counting votes. Here are the rules for recounts if Trump and Biden go down to the wire.
Biden only needs one of Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada to claim overall victory.
Desiree Webster, 20, was arrested June 25 in Shawano after police pulled over the 1997 Monte Carlo she was driving.
“I feel there is no good reason for slavery,” one fourth-grader wrote.
“I can babysit, shoot a gun and cook at the same damn time.” Those are the words of Shaunda Payne, a formidable woman who
A school was evacuated by armed police after a student dressed in a Darth Vader mask was mistaken for a potential attacker
On Wednesday, Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein launched an online fundraising page to fund her request of a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Before midnight, she had raised her $2m dollar target to file for a recount in Wisconsin and continues to raise money for a recount in Pennsylvania and Michigan.
A high school has been blasted over an “upsetting” safe driving campaign after it told students their classmates had died
A drone has successfully located a man who had been missing in the American wilderness for three days. Guillermo DeVenecia
Following on from looking at who will be running for the Democrats in four years time, these are some of the likely Republican contenders in the event of a Romney loss.
A man has been arrested in Waukesha, Wisconsin, after an off-duty police officer caught him "having sex" with an abandoned
Just over a year ago, a right-wing extremist named Anders Breivik went on a killing spree in Norway, murdering 77 people
A 40-year-old ex-soldier called Wade Michael Page has been identified as the suspect who shot dead six in a Sikh temple in