Women's Equality Party

It comes after the police watchdog released a damning report about the reality of the culture in the Metropolitan Police service.
Wherever we stand, the other parties respond by becoming more like us. Slowly but surely, we are forcing the mainstream to do more on equality and to do it better.
“I think that sometimes in order to lead, you have to get out of the way."
'Women are brutalised twice over in this country. Once by their rapist and then again by the criminal justice system.'
In the spirit of collaboration, Lewisham East could choose a joint Women’s Equality Party and, for example, Labour MP
The sickly drip of discriminatory data that we’ve seen for months reaches a nauseous climax at midnight tonight
I thought about my own experiences as I read Madison Marriage’s piece about the men-only Presidents Club charity dinner at London’s Dorchester hotel last week
'The vast majority of the billionaires hiding their wealth offshore are men.'