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Women’s sport is finally coming off the bench - and about time, too. But why has it taken so long?
Family say the wave of support has helped Jessie’s confidence.
This year was the summer of women's football, where the England team proved that women's football is going from strength to strength. Overall, we had an amazing summer we reached the quarter finals and as a team we grew closer. I felt very proud seeing the whole team shine a light on women's football in front of a huge audience. Despite the outcome, we won't give up on aiming to win.
With the current Lionesses helping to present some of the awards, seeing how much it meant to the winners was incredibly heartwarming. But it felt more than that. It felt amazing to watch everybody receive the recognition they deserve for playing their part in excelling the women's game...
We owe a great deal to the performance of our current England and Scotland squads. They are achieving more than our men's teams could muster over two decades. Thursdays match is not just a momentous night for our Lionesses. It's a significant landmark in football.
I hope you will join me in getting behind the Lionesses this Thursday. The Lionesses are one of the strongest England sides I've seen in my life time and I believe they will find a way to win. I would love to see even a fraction of the support and enthusiasm that the men get given to the women over the next week. They are working incredibly hard and let's hope it pays off in the coming game.
Appetite is high for women’s sport in 2017, but former England footballer Kelly Smith believes there’s a lot more than can
'I can play football because I'm strong.'
Why aren't women moving up the regular talent pipeline, and instead falling behind their male counterparts? Unless business leaders and employees alike begin to ask these questions, and really listen and engage with the discussions, we will not be able to foster change or pose solutions which tackle the real causes of this inequality.