world cup 2022

Footballers risk repercussions for apparent act of solidarity with protesters fighting for gender equality.
The presenter made a powerful statement ahead of England's first World Cup match just hours after several teams made a u-turn on wearing the armbands.
"In many ways, it was like your deal with Qatar, David. Total bulls*** from the start."
The Good Morning Britain anchor questioned whether it was necessary for Gary to broadcast from Qatar.
They had planned to wear the bands to promote diversity and LGBTQ+ inclusion
This is what they had to say about their involvement in Qatar.
Joe previously said he would donate £10K to LGBTQ+ charities if David pulls out of the deal – and shred it if he doesn't.
Human rights issues in Qatar have led to calls for football fans to switch off – so should you?
"It’s not right to go," the Maggie May singer said of the Qatar-hosted football tournament.