world cup 2022

Fans erupt as football team advances after beating fancied Denmark.
Between the reluctant fans, an unfortunate mix-up and some pre-watershed swearing, there was a whole lot going on.
Fans in the Qatar World Cup stadium were seen weeping as the team sang.
The former Bake Off winner spoke out in a series of impassioned Instagram posts.
Referring to his recent speech in Qatar, Gary added that the BBC had "learned from what we probably felt was a mistake" four years ago.
The comedy routine was blasted due to graphic lyrics describing the execution of LGBTQ+ people in Qatar.
"I see what they were trying to do but turning such brutal, systemic violence into a song isn't the way to raise awareness."
Grealish promised Finlay, who has cerebral palsy, he'd do the dance when he next scored a goal. Turns out, it happened in a pretty big game.
Protests, empty seats and even bucket hats supporting the LGBTQ+ community confiscated.