A third of Britons believe the government's response to the riots has been too hasty, a new poll by YouGov has find. And
Egypt should be careful what it wishes for. According to YouGov's latest survey of Egyptian public opinion, a majority of 67% want Hosni Mubarak, their deposed president, to face a death sentence.
Recent polling from YouGov@Cambridge on attitudes to the state, tax and spending, conducted as part of a large-scale survey of UK voters in May 2011, throws up some challenges for both the political left and right. But it also highlights the value of scratching beneath the surface of conventional survey questions on these issues. For better or worse, political arguments about the state, tax and spending will dominate this Parliament. Survey questions such as these can help us look beneath standard polling on the subject to try and understand better this complex and fascinating terrain of public opinion.
British voters want to control their representatives but don't want to make the effort to engage with them.
If Pakistani elections were a genuine popularity contest, then you might assume the country's next leader will be Imran Khan, the philanthropist and former cricket star