zero hours contracts

TfL has announced it will not grant Uber a new license over safety concerns. What does that mean for 45,000 drivers in London?
As a rising number of Britons find themselves in 'in-work poverty', Steve and Billy tell their story of homelessness, insecure work and council failings in BBC Two's Broke.
Young workers are in crisis. With 78% of 18-21 year olds working for less than the government recommended ‘living wage’, it’s
Santander has yet to respond to The Huffington Post UK’s repeated requests for comment on Monday. But the firm told the FT
Three-fifths of lecturers are working on insecure contracts.
The UK’s top universities treat their staff “little better than Sports Direct”, with high numbers of lecturers working on
I don't understand why I should not get to choose the type of contract I enter into with my employer - why should the unions and courts decide for me? I'm not a child that needs to be told what's best for me.
I was playing Jenga with my kids at the weekend. To say it was taxing and frustrating - as well as being damn right difficult