No pigeon, or indeed Pidgeon, was harmed in the incident at Stormont's finance committee.
Video calls don't always go to plan, as the cat lawyer reminded us.
For the 394th Judicial District Court in Texas, attorney Rod Ponton showed up to a Zoom court hearing, unable to change his cute kitten filter. He was willing to proceed, as the judge tried to help and his assistant helplessly clicked around trying to remove it.
District court in Texas posts video of the mishap that cheered everyone up.
In scenes that can only be described as unmitigated chaos, the titans of the Cheshire parish’s political scene came face to face – and proceedings soon turned ugly. `The video has since gone viral making the name of the clerk, Jackie Weaver, trend on Twitter.
One lawmaker says the rule will be a challenge: “I can try to keep the cats off the screen. Keeping them out of the room is going to be impossible.”
Experts confirm Zoom fatigue is a thing – but there's a solution for 2021.
Observing ourselves in real-time is a lure few can resist, say psychotherapists.
Including camera calamities, abrupt endings and a sexy Hollywood reunion.