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A Staggering Amount Of The Cabinet Went To Oxbridge

Stop Everything. Cambridge Wants To Pay Someone To Do A Three Year PhD In CHOCOLATE

Meet The Students Turning To Crowdfunding To Pay For Their Degrees

Cambridge Students Hide Chocolate In A Library Book To Help With Revision Stress

Snakes On A Campus

Ian McKellen Gets Doctorate From Cambridge, University Flies Gay Pride Flag To Celebrate

Drinks, Dinner Jackets & Dinosaurs: It Must Be The Cambridge Trinity May Ball (PICTURES)

UK Universities Experiment On Kittens, Breaking Their Skulls And Attaching Electrodes To Brains

English Lit Students Lost For Words As Exam Paper Poem Contains Just Punctuation

Physicist Proposes New Way To Travel In Time

Cambridge Student Starts Campaign To Fundraise £5k To Charter A Helicopter - To His Sister's Wedding

Katie Hopkins Tells Cambridge Students: The Elite System Is Fantastic

Police Investigate Banned Cambridge Society Over 'Rape Chants'

Cambridge University Freshers Could Be Made To Have ‘Sexual Consent' Classes

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