'I Was A Plant' Says Plant In UKIP Nazi Salute Photo

'I Was A Plant' Says Plant In UKIP Nazi Salute Photo

The plant in the now-infamous UKIP 'Nazi salute' photograph has said that it was a plant.

Nigel Farage says that UKIP candidate Alex Wood was merely trying to stop his girlfriend taking photos of him "imitating a pot plant" - but the plant says that this response is a set-up.

"There's no way he was imitating me," the plant told The Huffington Post UK. "Look at him. Do I stick my leaves out like that? One at a time? No. I'm just being used as an excuse."

A non-sentient living thing, and a plant

The plant - which doesn't want to be named, but is thought to be a member of the Ficus elastica family - also denied any affiliation with UKIP, saying: "Clearly, I'm a member of the Green Party."

It also inferred that, despite the controversy raging around the photo, things "could have been much worse".

"Let's face it," it told us, "he could have been photographed doing a Nazi salute over the cannabis plant next door. Or one of those funny foreign Bonsai trees."


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