Obama 'Shames' An Entire Nation By Wearing A Tan Suit

President Obama has been accused of "shaming" an entire nation – by turning up to a televised press conference wearing a light-tan suit.

The content of Obama’s Thursday address, which included the invasion of Ukraine and the threat of ISIS, was lost on those in the briefing, with audible gasps heard as the 44th president entered the room.

The horror... the horror...

Rumours abound that the breezy garb once belonged to Spiro Agnew, but these remain unconfirmed.

As the horror of the President’s wardrobe set in, thousands of Americans took to Twitter to share in the collective grief of being led by a man in beige two-piece suit.

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Obama 'Shames' An Entire Nation By Wearing A Tan Suit

So far there has been no reaction to Obama's late-summer wear from the Kremlin or the British Foreign Office, nor is the choice of tan likely to impact the forthcoming Nato summit in Britain.

Domestically, however, the president's clothing could embolden those calling for his impeachment.

Barack Obama shames his nation trying to look like 'Don Draper'

— Elliot Wagland (@elliotwagland) August 29, 2014

Empezó vistiendo normal, sin complicaciones.

Barack Obama Style

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