From 'Morbidly Obese' To A Size 12: Woman Loses 13 Stone And Is Happiest She's Ever Been

How Did This Woman Drop 13 Stone?

Paige Way once topped the scales at an unhealthy 23 stone. Now, the 22-year-old has embraced a healthydiet and fitness regime which has helped her to shed an incredible 13 stone and become more confident in her own skin.

After being told by doctors that her morbid obesity would lead to a heart attack, Paige became determined to ditch the weight.

The final straw came when her boyfriend (now an ex) made an unkind comment about her body.

"I'd always been big as a child, and then I was 'the fat one' in my bunch of friends. Men would say horrible things about me on nights out, like "God, look at the size of her," she said.

"I had no confidence whatsoever, but I tried to kid myself that I was happy being fat. Even when I broke a sun lounger at a family barbeque by sitting on it, I just laughed it off," she revealed.

But then the unthinkable happened, while on a romantic getaway Paige's boyfriend-of-the-time told her that her stomach was too big for them to make love.

Paige, from Sydenham, South East London, said: "It was absolutely mortifying when my boyfriend told me that my belly was getting in the way, but it gave me the push I needed to finally do something about my weight."

For years, Paige had snacked on shop-bought sandwiches, biscuits and chocolate. She also regularly visited McDonald's where she'd consume two burger meals with fries, followed by a McFlurry and a large milkshake. This would be washed down with a 2 litre bottle of full-fat Coke.

By the time she hit 21, Paige's weight had soared to 23st and her BMI was a dangerous 57 - nearly three times the recommended amount.

In March 2013, doctors diagnosed 5ft 3in Paige as morbidly obese and told her she was at risk of having a heart attack. They also warned her that if she didn't ditch the fizzy drinks, her teeth would fall out.

Paige said: "It was horrible mortified. Deep down I knew that my health was suffering because of my weight, but I'd always tried to deny it.

"I was constantly tired and short of breath. If I was walking for the bus, I'd have to stop for a break. And my feet were covered in massive blisters from the pressure of carrying my body around.

"By the time I got to work, I was dripping in sweat and my makeup was running off my face. It was horrible," she added.

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