Fox News' Stuart Varney Abruptly Ends Interview With Fracking Activist Who Calls Him A 'Liar'

British-Born Fox News Anchor Throws Tantrum At Fracking Activist

Stuart Varney, a British-born Fox News anchor, abruptly ended an interview on Sunday after being called a "liar."

The action livened up after a long and techy chat when fracking activist Josh Fox mentioned that Varney had told him “off-air” that he would not allow fracking on his property in Upstate New York. "Why would you not frack on our own property and then prescribe it for other people in America?” asked the activist.

'The interview is over, young man. I am not lying'

Varney replied: "Because I’m in the watershed," adding that before fracking a local joke was that the tap water could be set on fire. Fox responded by saying, "You are absolutely wrong. I do believe you are lying right now."

“Lying?” Varney squealed. "The interview is over, young man. I am not lying. I did it myself. Thank you. Goodbye. You are out of here, son. You are out of here. Don’t call me a liar. Don’t do that, son. Cut. That’s it. Thank you very much. Will you please leave?"

Watch the interview above.


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