Susanna Reid Keeps Her Cool After 'Good Morning Britain' Technical Glitch (VIDEO)

Susanna Reid showed everyone how to cope under pressure, when a technical glitch threw a spanner in the works during Thursday’s ‘Good Morning Britain’.


The TV presenter was introducing a link, when her co-host, Ben Shephard suddenly interjected, joking: “Woah! Are you're in the bathroom?”

As Susanna reacted with confusion, he remarked that he could hear an echoing in his ear-piece, adding: “It sounds like we’re in the loo.”

Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard on Thursday's 'Good Morning Britain'

While she was insistent she couldn’t hear any echoes, Ben then remarked he was able to hear Kate Garraway off-camera, with Susanna joking: “Well I can always hear Kate…”

After asking whether to restart the link from the beginning, Susanna was then able to get the whole thing back on track, saying: “I'm going to talk about the shock… and not about being back in the bathroom.”

What a pro.

This isn’t the first time that Susanna has proved how well she copes under strenuous circumstances, though.

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