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Chris Whiting

Freelance journalist. Proud liberal, prouder chisit.

If you like passion-driven content on politics, sport and LGBT+ rights with a few attempts at humour along the way, then I'm your man. I also like cats, a lot.

How To Solve A Problem Like Catalonia

What is clear however is that Spain is disunited and what its constitution has to say on the Catalonia issue is not fit for purpose. It is time both Rajoy, or better yet a new Prime Minister who won't assault his own people, and Puigdemont come around the table and resolve their differences in a genuinely democratic and diplomatic way - for the sake of Catalonia and the rest of Spain.
09/11/2017 16:52 GMT

Why The UK Must Move On From Tribalism

When it comes to the fight between liberals, social democrats and conservatives, politics is more a battle of ideas than it is morals. Few people in politics are truly reprehensible, nearly all of us are seeking to make things better - we are each other's ideological opponents not enemies. We must critically engage and learn from one another, partisanship will tear us apart - it's time to relieve it from office.
23/10/2017 16:06 BST

Why The Negative Income Tax Is The Future

Whilst there is a heap of evidence to suggest that NIT would ensure a basic standard of living for all people, it would also drastically streamline the gargantuan complexities of the UK's tax system and the costly administration that accompanies it.
01/08/2017 11:55 BST

Time For Tim To Go

Frankly, the national campaign and more pertinently, Tim Farron's leadership has failed to restore the party to its former position. Of course, following the decimation in 2015, few would have thought a Lib Dem revival would be a quick and easy process but just two years later, the two large parties left the door wide open for us - and Farron failed to lead us through it.
11/06/2017 19:10 BST

We Need To Talk About Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn earned £20,000 for his four appearances on Press TV, and claims to have spent that money on his constituency office. He didn't donate it to a human rights charity, or help fund an LGBT+ equality campaign, he gleefully accepted multiple job offers from a murderous state and used that money to further his own career.
31/05/2017 16:34 BST

8 (Other) Reasons To Vote Lib Dem

As manifestos begin to take precedence over personalities in the snap election campaign, the Liberal Democrats are failing to be heard over the noise of resurgent democratic socialism in Labour and traditional interventionism by the Tories. Whilst a referendum on the final Brexit deal is the party's main line of attack going in to 8 June, here are 8 other reasons to lend your vote to the amber party this summer...
28/05/2017 20:04 BST

Why The Progressive Alliance Is A Non-Starter For Liberal Democrats

Simply put, the Liberal Democrats do not exist to act as an external pressure group for the Labour Party. Whilst they may be marginally preferred to the traditional enemy in the Conservatives, there are plenty within the Lib Dems, myself included, who find both equally unpalatable.
03/05/2017 08:22 BST

The LGBT+ Vote is Always Safe With The Lib Dems

Tim Farron's personal views may be understandably troubling to some, but the spurious links to the Liberal Democrats being an unsafe choice for LGBT+ voters is farcical. For as long as history can remember, the Liberal party of the United Kingdom has been the one that has led on LGBT+ issues.
26/04/2017 11:05 BST

Katie Hopkins Is Wrong - The UK's Openness Will Conquer Isis

Violent ideology knows not one skin tone, not one religion and not one nation. We will overcome this evil bit by bit, with each everyday errand and ordinary activity that passes. We will overcome this evil - and we will do it without 'useful' idiots like Katie Hopkins.
24/03/2017 10:45 GMT

Claudio Will Always Be The Greatest - But He Had To Go

This is without doubt a bitter end to the most wonderful story this modest city has ever seen. Leicester's charming Roman conqueror has fallen, but this is our club and our fairytale - so, Jose Mourinho, Gary Lineker, Hozier and whoever else who thinks we're now the bad guys - save your crocodile tears and your national funeral for somebody else.
24/02/2017 16:41 GMT

The Gay-Triarchy And Policing Desire

If you're a gay guy in the 21st century, you'll have heard it all before; 'masc4masc', 'straight acting only', 'no fems'. Hook-up apps are littered with self-professed masculine men who don't want anything sexually from more feminine gay guys.
16/02/2017 17:31 GMT

Champions Of England? You're Having A Laugh

Once again, as I stood and watched the Champions of England put through their paces and battered by, with all due respect to Southampton, a mediocre side, I was left raging. It was a performance that barely deserved spectators let alone the generous applause the travelling fans gave Leicester as they left the pitch, humiliated once more.
24/01/2017 18:04 GMT