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In Conversation With... Dima

In Conversation With... Dima Gorbunov

Dima Gorbunov is a young Russian artist making a name for himself in London's cultural landscape. Based in St. Petersburg, Dima has seen collectors take his creations across Europe, and his commissioned work become high in demand. Now the artist has imagined a beautiful story of paintings, that bring the cult of nightlife to canvas, at North London's C99 Art Project.
25/10/2013 12:39 BST
In Conversation With... Capital

In Conversation With... Capital Cities

There's nothing better than going to see a band, who aren't quite on your radar yet, but you come away with an urgent need to fill your iPod with every one of their tracks. That's how I felt after seeing Capital Cities at XOYO, who gave the venue a show that it's never experienced before
10/10/2013 12:07 BST
Review - Bestival's 10th

Review - Bestival's 10th Birthday

Summer doesn't really feel over without a ferry trip across to the Isle of Wight in the first week of September. And for the last three years I have been making that journey from London to Portsmouth to Ryde to the Robin Hill Country Park for all the musical glory that is Bestival.
11/09/2013 15:41 BST
Hair Made In

Hair Made In Chelsea

Is there ever a time on the Channel 4 reality show, that one of the Sloane Rangers has a hair out of place? Even when their doing yoga, in a hottub or throwing drinks over each other, those Made In Chelsea girls have their locks perfectly coiffed to an inch of their life.
11/09/2013 11:16 BST
Making It in Fashion With Mikey Trapstar and Susie

Making It in Fashion With Mikey Trapstar and Susie Lau

Two stylish game-changers who are more than aware of this fact are legendary urban streetwear designer Mikey Trapstar and world-renowned fashion blogger Susie Lau, who are now lending their support to #shinebright, a new initiative to help some aspiring creatives climb up the sartorial ladder.
07/08/2013 15:16 BST
In Conversation With... Jim Piddock, Co-Creator of BBC2's 'Family

In Conversation With... Jim Piddock, Co-Creator of BBC2's 'Family Tree'

Christopher Guest is back with his new TV series <em>Family Tree</em> starring Chris O'Dowd as a down-and-out guy trying to find his roots through genealogy. But Guest didn't do it alone as British actor and filmmaker Jim Piddock co-created the funnyman's version of <em>Who Do You Think You Are?</em>...
16/07/2013 15:44 BST
Review - Block 9 at Glastonbury

Review - Block 9 at Glastonbury 2013

From twerking on the West Holt stage with Major Lazer, to doing my best rave face with Skrillex backstage at Silver Hayes, my first Glastonbury was a pretty epic one. But it was Block 9 that I found offered the most immersive cultural experience thanks to founders Stephen Gallagher and Gideon Berger's musical creation of "complete temporary realities".
05/07/2013 15:28 BST
Why Small Record Labels Are the Bread and (Black) Butter of

Why Small Record Labels Are the Bread and (Black) Butter of Music

Last week, at an event at 10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister pledged to provide further backing for small businesses because of the valuable contribution they make to the economy. It got me thinking about one sector in particular: the music industry, and the small record labels who are composing a fresh beat with the much-needed sound of the future.
13/06/2013 22:01 BST
Maggie, Maggie, Maggie... Dead, Dead,

Maggie, Maggie, Maggie... Dead, Dead, Dead

On April 8 2013, the masses turned out to celebrate Margaret Thatcher's death on the streets of Brixton, but there was barely a face among the merry gathering old enough to understand the good and the bad she brought to this country.
09/04/2013 12:47 BST
I Never Appreciated British Taxi Drivers... Until I Went To

I Never Appreciated British Taxi Drivers... Until I Went To Texas.

I've never really had a good experience with taxis. If memory serves, the worst occurred in my second year of university, when a week after passing my driving test a mini cab rear-ended my Peugeot 206, writing the poor hatchback off for half the price we paid.
22/03/2013 15:04 GMT
We Need to Talk About Guns,

We Need to Talk About Guns, America

When you've racked up more homicides through gun crime than Iraq, Egypt, the Democratic Republic of Congo and a vast number of other war-torn countries currently in conflict, there is clearly something wrong with your ideology that continues to function under a pretence of self-defence.
16/12/2012 11:59 GMT
Let's Not Confuse a Prank Call for Malicious

Let's Not Confuse a Prank Call for Malicious Subterfuge

I can't deny that Jacintha Saldanha's assumed suicide was a truly tragic and extreme consequence of the radio station's on-air jest but for the hospital to blame the situation entirely on DJs Mel Greig and Michael Christian is the most tasteless joke of all.
09/12/2012 20:57 GMT
In Conversation With

In Conversation With Brackles

From Rihanna amping up her pop tunes with EDM to video games like <em>Call Of Duty</em> throwing out a dubstep soundtrack, the underground scene is infiltrating every possible recess of modern life.
22/11/2012 16:19 GMT
Review - Dry The River at Shepherd's Bush

Review - Dry The River at Shepherd's Bush Empire

From the upper echelons of the West London venue, I overlooked a jam-packed audience nodding their heads in unison as the five-piece band opened with the hypnotically folksy beat of 'Shield Your Eyes'. Moving into 'New Ceremony' followed by 'History Book', the band played more like an orchestra with the addition of a brass section that amped up the softer songs to give a more anthem-like feel.
07/11/2012 11:13 GMT
Are The Kardashians The Modern Day

Are The Kardashians The Modern Day Bennets?

It's not too much of a stretch to consider the Kardashian clan as the modern day Bennet family, but for the sake of the youngest members let's hope it's not too late to rewrite their story.
10/10/2012 17:11 BST
In Conversation with Kristina

In Conversation with Kristina Anapau

Kristina Anapau is still under the showbiz radar, but after appearances in Black Swan, True Blood and now a leading role in a new horror movie, Kristina is well placed to become a household name. A few weeks ago I put a few questions together, to find out a little bit more about the LA based actress.
02/10/2012 11:02 BST