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Joe Anderson

Mayor of Liverpool

Joe Anderson is Liverpool's first elected mayor. The former Merchant Seaman, who has been a Liverpool councillor for 14 years, became Liverpool’s first elected Mayor in May 2012. Born in 1958, in the south end of the city centre near Dingle, Councillor Anderson attended St Vincent Primary School – where he has been a governor for the last 12 years- and St Martins Secondary School. Councillor Anderson was elected to the council in 1998 to represent Abercromby ward (now called Riverside) – the area in which he grew up. He was elected as leader of the Labour group just five years later. Joe’s life is very much intertwined with the sea. His career with the Merchant Navy and later P&O Ferries (where he first became politically active), took him all over the world. But home remained very much where the heart is for Councillor Anderson. His subsequent career on Merseyside took him into education welfare, before he was appointed to lead a social inclusion unit for young people with behavioural and emotional difficulties where he worked until making the decision to be the city's first full time Leader, tackling the difficult task of seeing the council through cuts imposed by the coalition government. He has been married to Marg for 31 years and has four children – Joanne, (who was also elected to the council in the May 2010 elections), Tony, David, Michael and a grandson.
Universal Credit Leaves Everyone

Universal Credit Leaves Everyone Poorer

When I was a young boy growing up in post-war Liverpool in a family dependant on benefits, I learned what it was like to go cap in hand to survive. One of the worst aspects of poverty is that your potential in life is so completely limited. It's hard to do pretty much anything with nothing in your pocket. Food becomes scarcer. Hobbies and trips are rationed. Christmas is an ordeal. Half a century later, in one of the richest countries in the world, I see it happening all over again.
29/09/2017 17:22 BST
Why Doesn't 'The Sun' Understand the Hurt It

Why Doesn't 'The Sun' Understand the Hurt It Caused?

The Sun's coverage amplified the grief of the families and fans. The hurt caused was deep and genuine. The effects of the paper's tawdry coverage has lasted for nearly three decades. But Kelvin MacKenzie, the editor at the time, now says he was "completely duped" after being fed the story by a press agency. Pull the other one. This is the classic defence of ignorance, in this case, from the ignorant... why do they persist with MacKenzie? He is a disgrace to journalism and an abiding symbol of how the paper isn't really sorry for the hurt and harm it did to the Hillsborough families and Liverpool more generally.
28/04/2016 17:25 BST
Jeremy Is Not a Dinosaur, But He's Not a Winner

Jeremy Is Not a Dinosaur, But He's Not a Winner Either

Jeremy Corbyn has created a debate that will alter the course of Labour Party history, whatever the outcome. I give him credit for that and to those who nominated him. He has woken up the real dinosaurs in the parliamentary party with a roar, but that alone is not enough.
16/08/2015 21:47 BST
Taking Control of Our

Taking Control of Our Destiny

If you are already poor, like for example Liverpool with the highest deprivation score in the country, you will face the highest cuts. Hart District Council in Hampshire has the lowest deprivation score - and the lowest cuts. Let's be clear, I am not talking about a small marginal difference. Liverpool will face cuts of 27.1% in this year alone - Hart only 1.5%.
30/01/2014 17:35 GMT
'It's The Cut's,

'It's The Cut's, Stupid'

It will not be an easy journey, it will be an extremely rocky road with very hard decisions having to be made and at times it may seem impossible but, in the words of the late and great Nelson Mandela, an inspiration to many, including me, "Everything seems impossible until it is done".
09/12/2013 14:56 GMT
Liverpool's Rebirth Shows Why Mayors

Liverpool's Rebirth Shows Why Mayors Matter

Cities across the UK may have turned their backs on the idea of an elected mayor, but Liverpool did not - and almost a year on, I can tell you how important that decision has been for the city.
05/03/2013 11:34 GMT