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Nicki Kinickie

Blogger and Writer. Wife and Mother. Mental Health Awareness Advocate. Loves Leopard print and dad rock.

Nicki is a freelance writer, copywriter and blogger originally from Essex but now living in Norfolk with her husband and daughter. She mainly writes about mental health and wellbeing as well as everyday life with the odd topical issue thrown in for good measure.
Mental Health: My Addictive

Mental Health: My Addictive Personality

I wanted to talk a bit more about my experience as I only touched on it very lightly in my previous post. I have an addictive personality and have not necessarily been addicted to just one thing, in fact anything in life that has made me feel good or more confident or given me a buzz I have at some point been addicted to.
27/10/2017 11:46 BST
Addictive Personalities And Mental

Addictive Personalities And Mental Health

If your habit, past time or 'go to' mood enhancer is causing you pain, financial issues, depression or worry, is affecting your relationships or has become a necessity rather than an enjoyable hobby then there is a chance that you could be addicted.
17/10/2017 12:48 BST
That Time I Had A Detached

That Time I Had A Detached Retina

It was the beginning of January and everything still seemed to be settling down after the madness of Christmas and New Year. Whilst getting ready to go out with my little family I noticed a change in my vision; a ball of light that I can only describe as resembling a glare on a lens in the sun, passed across my right eye almost like a bubble.
17/08/2017 11:20 BST
10 Things We Did In The 90s That We Don't Do

10 Things We Did In The 90s That We Don't Do Now

Nineties fashion has enjoyed a revival in recent years what with chokers being all the rage again as well as high rise MOM jeans and crop tops. But there are some things from that decade, like say pagers, that are well and truly in the past and very unlikely to come back.
24/07/2017 16:53 BST
Five Tips to Tackle Swimwear Body Hang

Five Tips to Tackle Swimwear Body Hang Ups

It's that time of year once again - holiday time! A time that brings both joy and dread for many of us out there because with holidays come skimpier outfits and days spent lounging around in swimwear which means a lot more of our body - and our body hang ups - are on full display.
28/06/2017 14:41 BST
News Flash: Love Isn't A

News Flash: Love Isn't A Fairytale

Growing up, and indeed as an adult actually, when you immerse yourself in the world of cinematic delight, you will find that any romantic stories climax with the end of the chase. Cartoon films you adoringly watched as a child that featured a princess and a prince finished at the point they either shared their first kiss or the when they got married and lived 'happily ever after'.
02/06/2017 11:36 BST
Why Body Shape Trends Need To

Why Body Shape Trends Need To Stop

It sounds silly when summarised in a paragraph like that but it's true. I was a self conscious teenager who found that fashion was geared to slim girls with low rise hipster jeans and crop tops. I would get excited about buying a new item of clothing and then scowl that I didn't look like everyone else in it. Being skinny was cool and hips weren't.
16/05/2017 17:14 BST