5 Cute Animals To End The Week – A Christmas Special

If you thought Christmas meant we were going to bypass cute animals of the week, you thought wrong. This week we’ve decided to keep things festive, hopefully you don’t mind.

1. Christmas Pudding Puppy Brings Joy To Grandad

This man’s dog passed away a few months back and his wife died not long after. His family surprised him with a new puppy on Christmas Day and filmed the beautiful introduction.

No you’re crying.

2. Dog Disrupts Christmas Parade

He was hungry for gingerbread tush.

3. Cat Discovers Feline Equivalent Of Heaven

Ribbons, bows, paper. This cat just won the lottery and we don’t quite think it’s sunk in.

4. Police Dog Enters Super Stealth Mode

This doggo has seen ‘Home Alone’ at least five times and he isn’t going to let bandits ruin Christmas.

5. Cat Wins In Epic Battle Against Christmas Tree

Well, it was only a matter of time (and here’s more where this came from).