Best Combination Classes In London: Fusion Workouts To Spruce Up Your Exercise Routine

Two birds, one stone.

Combination classes are just another development in the fitness world happening in 2017 that are taking our workouts up a notch.

Classes are no longer a one trick pony, with workouts now increasingly being combined to give you a hybrid fitness experience in just one hour.

You might be a HIIT fanatic and relish your weekly yoga session, but have you ever thought of the benefits of doing a class that fuses the two?


These hybrid-style classes all work in very different ways. Sometimes the class is split down the middle where you do one workout, then move on to the next in a clean split.

With other classes, there is a complete fusion of disciplines during the whole workout to create a completely new practice.

The aim of these classes is to enable us to reap the benefits from high intensity, cardio workouts and combine that with building strength, stability and flexibility.

And if that doesn’t convince you, then the simple fact you’re constantly doing something different is a pretty fun way to pass that hour you’re working out.

Here are five of our favourite workouts than kill two birds with one stone.

Ride2Tone is Heartcore’s workout concept that combines 30 minutes of indoor cycling followed by 30 minutes of yoga-inspired toning and bodyweight moves.

The class aims to deliver the benefits of both disciplines within one hour, yet you leave feeling like you’ve done so much more than that. It begins downstairs in the cycling studio with a high intensity ride focusing on increasing speed with loud music to keep you going. After 30 minutes, you retreat upstairs to the calming and spacious yoga studio - but it’s not as relaxing as you’d think.

This section is focused around building core strength and balance, with plenty of planking and abs work.

Where: Heartcore, Notting Hill.
How much? From £17.50.
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HIIT Yoga brings together two pretty popular exercise forms, giving you a way to work out that works out your mind and body in just under one hour.

The class works in the format of having 10 minutes yoga, then 10 minutes HIIT and so on. You start and finish with yoga, giving you relaxed beginning and ending. The HIIT sections are extremely high intensity, but knowing you only have two, 10-minute slots gives you the energy to get through.

Going from that to a slow yoga routine that requires core strength can feel like you just want to fall flat on your face, but the endorphins released after that hour will keep you feeling on top for hours after.

: Fresh Ground, Clapham.
How much? £20 per class.
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Paola’s BodyBarre ‘Boxerina’ class takes a unique twist on boxing by focusing on core strength and flexibility during the class.

The class fuses the two disciplines together by splitting the routine in two. It starts with the studio’s signature barre sequence aiming to build strength, then moves on to the short but snappy boxing circuits.

You pair up in the class and take turns to speed through sequences to get your cardio fix with only short breaks in between. It’s high intensity, and probably not one for beginners if you have never boxed before.

Where: Wimbledon and Fulham.
How much? £28 per class.
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BLOKflow works different to HIIT Yoga in the way it fuses the two practices to create one, free-flow class of movement. The rustic yet stylish studio keeps the light dimmed with nature-inspired music that leads the type of movement you do.

The class aims to “bridge the gap” between hard-core fitness and traditional yoga. The main focus is yoga-inspired moves that require concentration, balance and flexibility. The HIIT part comes in when these moves, that are frequently done slowly with fewer reps, are taken up a notch by completing a minute or so of yoga moves requiring core strength to keep going.

The focus is on keeping the patterns of movements flowing seamlessly before powering through the intense bodyweight moves. You’ll need a can-do attitude and you’ll be thankful for the meditation at the end.

Where: BLOK, Clapton.
How much? Classes from £10.
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BoxingYoga doesn’t separate out boxing and yoga in the class, but fuses them together to create a yoga practice that incorporates boxing moves. Simple.

It’s predominantly a yoga class, with the aim to strengthen and build on the muscles and movements you use when you’re boxing. The class really does have a seamless incorporation of boxing into yoga practice, for example keeping clenched fists after a Salutation rather than placing palms together, When in a Warrior 2 pose, we reached our front hand out to jab before rotating the hips.

The fusion works really well for both yoga and boxing lovers as they share the same need to focus on mind and body through movement.

: Total Boxer, north London.
How much? From £10 per class.
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