Brexit #Flotilla Boats Sail Down The Thames Led By Bob Geldof And Nigel Farage, Sparking Naval Meme War

Bob Geldof and Nigel Farage are actually chasing each other around in boats.

Events in central London on Wednesday proved exactly how far we've set ourselves back with the EU referendum - a flotilla of Brexiteers sailed down the River Thames and briefly engaged in "low level naval warfare" with a group of Remainer boats.

Ukip leader Nigel Farage led the Leave vessels, which included fishing boats and a few leisure boats.

The Brexiteers were soon trailed by a group of Remain supporters led by former pop star Bob Geldof.

Yes, this is 100% true.

Once again, we feel the need to point out that this is very real and actually happened.

In 2016.

About a real political issue.

Involving actual politicians.

Of course, someone added the Benny Hill music to their little game of cat and mouse:

The folks from 'The Last Leg' showed up:

Meanwhile, on the continent...

During all this, a lot of people across the country were wondering how we ended up here.

While some were just hoping Farage would be dropped to a watery grave...

And others had to crack jokes, presumably to stop from crying.

River Thames taken over by EU Brexit debate

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