Elf On The Shelf Ideas 2018: The Hack Saving Knackered Parents This Christmas

Simple, yet genius.

If you’re wondering what on earth you’re going to do with that elf tomorrow morning, some sneaky parents have found a loophole. Rather than create another absurdly extravagant scenario, just pretend he’s stuck in the TV.

The genius idea was shared on parenting Facebook group Manchester Family:

So that’s tonight’s elf antics sorted,” they wrote. “Go on YouTube, type in ‘Elf stuck in TV’ and job’s a good’un.”

The resurfaced YouTube video was made by genius dad Aaron Holm, back in December 2015. Since the clip has been getting all those extra views, he’s recently added a description to explain what it’s about.

“So, I made this a few years ago just for my family,” he wrote. “I wasn’t forward thinking when making this. I made it for 10 minutes only so if you need longer either pause it or slow the playback speed to gain extra time. Or, just put it on repeat and hit play. I don’t think the title reappears when it starts over.”

The video has had more than 100,000 views, no doubt mostly from parents soaking up the joy of such an easy elf move.

If you have a smart TV, you can load the YouTube channel on the app on there. If not, use a laptop, phone, tablet, or computer – your elf can get “stuck” in any of them. You’re welcome!