Hannah Waddingham Casts Doubt On Returning To This 1 Major Franchise

The Emmy winner also has one condition for if she were to be asked back.
Hannah Waddingham
Hannah Waddingham
Mike Marsland via Getty Images

After a hugely successful hosting stint at Eurovision, landing her own Christmas special and bagging her third Emmy nomination, few could argue that 2023 has well and truly belonged to Hannah Waddingham.

But with the British actor now looking ahead to the next stage of her career, she’s admitted she’s unsure about returning to one particular franchise she recently appeared in.

Last year, Hannah joined the cast of Disney’s Hocus Pocus sequel as the Mother Witch, with a third film in the series now in development.

And while Hannah was undoubtedly a stand-out part of Hocus Pocus 2 (which, admittedly, isn’t saying much…), she’s revealed that “hilariously”, the team are yet to come knocking about her appearing in the follow-up.

I love that there’s been all this talk, and I’m here for it. But no,” she told The Hollywood Reporter when asked if she’d been approached about the third film.

“I mean, that would be amazing. I feel like I just barely, barely scratched the surface or put half an eyelash on for her. I feel like there is far more for the Mother Witch to cause magnificent mayhem. I would be so down for that. I mean, for one, Salvador Perez’s costume needs another trot out for sure, and my cape that I wouldn’t let them cut, definitely needs another swish.”

Hannah then added: “And she needs a song, P.S.”

While Hannah is yet to be contacted about Hocus Pocus 3, the movie’s writer Jen D’Angelo recently teased she intends to explore more about Hannah’s character in the new film – so it’s safe to say she’s on the team’s minds, even if she’s not on their “recent calls” list.

During her Hollywood Reporter interview, Hannah also addressed the possibility of a Ted Lasso spin-off, insisting: “I have made it quite clear that unless Ted was in it… I can’t imagine really a world where Rebecca exists without Ted because they are each other’s inspiration.”

If you can’t wait until the possible return of Ted Lasso or Hocus Pocus for more Hannah in your life, you can check out her Apple TV+ Christmas special, which is streaming now.

Alternatively, you could just switch on basically any TV station and wait, because the Emmy winner is currently appearing in not one but two festive ads.


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