The British Public's Royal Wedding Invite Wish List Is Bad News For Farage... And Kimye

Below Putin?

A YouGov survey of the British public has revealed some startling insights into who is deemed worthy of an invite to the Royal Wedding in May.

The top four - consisting of the groom’s stepmother, a former president, arguably the greatest living national treasure and the Prime Minister - are perhaps unsurprising but the bottom of the table is where things get interesting.

Bottom with just 4% of the vote are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - harsh when you consider next up is Vladimir Putin a full seven points ahead. Are Brits really more offended by topless selfies than alleged systematic attempts to undermine Western democracy?

Just one spot above sits Nigel Farage with 12 per cent - a number very close to his mean proportion of votes in seven unsuccessful attempts at becoming an MP (11.16 per cent).

Other notable findings in what is essentially a popularity contest are:

  • a close battle for 11th place sees Jeremy Corbyn just edged out by the Beckhams
  • the incredibly Marmite James Blunt puts in a respectable showing at number 14
  • Donald and Melania Trump are more popular than the Blairs

Top of the celeb contingent is Ed Sheeran followed closely by another two in the “national treasure” category, Stephen Fry and Mary Berry.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are set to marry at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle on 19th May.


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