Victoria Beckham Sets The Record Straight After That Viral 'Working Class' Row With Husband David

One infamous scene from Netflix's Beckham documentary is still being discussed six months later.
Victoria Beckham as seen in Netflix's Beckham documentary
Victoria Beckham as seen in Netflix's Beckham documentary

Of all the attention-grabbing moments in David Beckham’s 2023 Netflix documentary (and there were plenty of them), few stood out quite like Victoria reflecting on her supposedly “working class” background.

The scene in question saw David interjecting while the former Spice Girls star attempted to discuss how she and her husband had similar “working class” upbringings in their early lives.

“Be honest,” he was heard insisting off-camera, before it later transpired she was often driven to school in a Rolls Royce as a child.

While the pair have continued to poke fun at the viral moment in the months since Beckham began streaming on Netflix, Victoria shared her side of the story in a new interview with Elle Spain (as published in the Daily Mail), to coincide with her 50th birthday.

Deep down, we both share the same values,” she said of her husband David. “We come from the same background. Our families worked hard to raise us.

“My father made money and then went bankrupt. Neither David nor I were born with a silver spoon in our mouths. We have a rule of equality, whether in taking care of the house or children.”

Of how she and David came across in the Netflix doc, Victoria added: “Do we look like the couple seen in the Netflix documentary? Yes. We like to have fun, chat, dance, drink. And laugh at each other. That’s what it takes to be happy.”

David and Victoria Beckham pictured together in 2023
David and Victoria Beckham pictured together in 2023
CHANDAN KHANNA via Getty Images

Victoria turned 50 on Wednesday, with David celebrating her accolades in a heartfelt Instagram post that looked back at her life and career highlights.

However, he couldn’t resist including a subtle nod to – you guessed it! – that infamous Rolls Royce argument from their Netflix doc…

Read Victoria Beckham’s full interview in Elle Spain.


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