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Jan 20 - Feb 18The Water BearerAirUranus

Aquarius is the eccentric and humanitarian visionary of the zodiac. They are innovative thinkers who value freedom, independence, and equality. Aquarians are dedicated to making the world a better place throughtheir unique perspectives.




Your mind is drifting into unknown waters. There is a dreamy vibration filtering throughout the skies as Mercury slips into your 12th House of the Subconscious, marking a time when your ideas will follow their own path. You would be wise to let go of control and see where your soul takes you. This is a very inspired sector of your chart, so you may have a few epiphanies along the way. Much can be discovered when you choose to tumble down a rabbit hole.

Your Week In Love

The bubble might burst for you at any moment in matters of the heart. If you have been dating someone for their potential rather than who they actually are, you're likely to be in for a major disappointment at Monday's Full Moon in your romance sector. When someone shows you who they are, believe them! It's possible that you'll catch this person in an outright lie or other disingenuous behavior and realize the connection has been more like a figment of your imagination than anything of substance. If single, you could be vulnerable to someone's smooth talk. Don't drink the Kool-Aid!

Your Next 30 Days

Career prospects look bright in December! Venus moves through your driven 10th house from December 4 until December 29, hyping you up to your boss or another VIP. The only trouble happens on December 21, when Venus opposes Uranus. Unexpected family issues might get in the way of your professional glory at this time. Thankfully, it should pass quickly.

A New Moon in your friendship sector on December 12 encourages you to join a group or organization. Watch out, though -- the New Moon is square Neptune in your money sector. There could be a hefty donation or other membership dues required that you originally didn't know about. Mercury doesn't help, as it turns retrograde on December 13. Until it straightens out on January 2, you may second guess yourself on love and relationship matters, since Mercury rules your romance sector. If you got involved with a friend romantically, you might be having second thoughts.

Thankfully, the Full Moon in your health sector on December 26 is great energy for wrapping up any healthcare protocols. You can start the New Year with a clean bill of health!

Key themes for Aquarius: career, honor, promotions, family drama, social confusion, health, work, money

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