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Mar 21 - Apr 19The RamFireMars

Aries is the fearless trailblazer of the zodiac. They are passionate, ambitious, and always eager to take the lead. With boundless energy and a competitive spirit, Aries strives to conquer challenges and achieve their goals.




A professional attitude can do a lot for you today, Aries. Fresh energy sparkles in your 10th House of Career as Mercury arrives for its annual tour, inspiring brilliant ideas and engaging conversations that can boost you toward the next rung in your ladder of ambition. If you've been looking for just the right opportunity, then this transit can help bring it to you, but don't be afraid to get the ball rolling yourself. Have your elevator pitch ready to go!

Your Week In Love

You're only as sick as the secrets you keep, some say -- and if that's true, you might be feeling especially unwell this week. You could be trying to impress a love interest and feel the need to create a more colorful story about your life in order to get this person's attention. That will never work in the long run! You would be letting this person get to know an illusion, not the real you. If you're in a relationship already, then you and your partner might have a real power struggle connected to you wanting to get ahead. Success may come at the price of the relationship if you aren't careful.

Your Next 30 Days

You might be ready to take stock of how far you've come professionally while simultaneously analyzing how far you still need to go. Mercury turns retrograde at the top of your chart on December 13, helping you re-evaluate any ongoing career goals. The good news is that, even though you may seem to take two steps back, you're ultimately going to take three giant leaps forward in 2024!

A Full Moon in your home and family sector on December 26 might have you finalizing a relocation, but it could also bring emotionally charged news from a relative. Don't panic! Whatever's on their mind isn't likely to be a crisis -- in fact, you may want to prepare some champagne to pop for a celebration.

When it comes to love and romance, you could be more focused on dollars and cents. Venus enters your 8th House of Shared Resources on December 4, reminding you of what another person has to offer you: financially, sexually, and emotionally. You might think you want all of it, only to reconsider when Venus leaves that sector on December 29.

Key themes for Aries: career goals, contract evaluation, professional revision, family news, home, moving, finances, romantic budgeting, deep love

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