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Apr 20 - May 20The BullEarthVenus

Taurus is the dependable rock of the zodiac. They are known for their practicality, patience, and unwavering determination. Grounded and reliable,Taurus values comfort and security and cherishes the finer things in life.




Life is about to come with subtitles. Messenger Mercury is flying into your 9th House of Foreign Cultures, encouraging you to stretch and expand your mind, opening your soul to all the different ways of living and being in this great wide world. Start looking beyond your own boundaries -- you could discover some truly inspiring ideas that inspire you to live your own life more fully, preferably with a bit of added color and spice. A little extra flavor never hurts!

Your Week In Love

Hiding anything besides surprise gifts from a love interest isn't a great sign normally -- especially this week. If you feel like you need to conceal financial information from your partner, there is almost definitely a problem. A Full Moon in your budget-based 2nd house on Monday will create a definite illumination of where you are when it comes to your money. Perhaps you recently made a monetary misstep that you're trying to cover. Come clean before it erodes any more trust. Single? There might be a strange situation with a colleague happening. You could get the vibe that they're into you, but you're probably not reciprocating. Prepare for some uncomfortable vibes!

Your Next 30 Days

Some shifts might be in order when it comes to your long-term finances. While you'll probably be proactive, you may not grasp the full picture. A New Moon in your 8th House of Big Money on December 12 promises a fresh start to a situation that involves passive income, royalties, or even debt. You'll have an opportunity -- if you're patient. Luna's square to Neptune means that something could be concealed within the fine print.

When it comes to love, you might be all over the place this month. On the one hand, with Venus in your partnership sector from December 4 until December 29, there can be lovely harmony between you and your mate. If single, you can easily meet someone new. On the other hand, on December 21, Venus will oppose Uranus -- everything may turn on a dime. You might abruptly find yourself feeling suffocated. Thankfully, you should be fine once you take a quick breather. Regardless, by December 30, magnanimous Jupiter turns direct in your sign. With luck on your side again, you can land on your feet no matter what!

Key themes for Taurus: money, investment, debt, loans, insurance, credit, partnership, luck, blessings, expansion

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