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Pisces is the compassionate and imaginative dreamer of the zodiac. They are highly intuitive, empathetic, and often deeply artistic. Pisceans are known for their emotional depth and ability to connect with others on a profound level.




You might presently like the privacy you get from keeping some things about yourself vague. However, it's understandable if you're also drawn to an opportunity for connection that asks more of you. You can't necessarily have it both ways as friendly Venus in your intimacy sector provokes mysterious Neptune in your sign. Suddenly flipping from one extreme to the other isn't likely to serve you well either. Consider sharing in manageable amounts -- you don't have to reveal your whole life story today!

Your Week In Love

There might be a great deal of domestic confusion this week that also infiltrates your love life, no matter what your current romantic situation is. Coupled? You and your sweetheart might be having two completely different conversations about how to handle a family matter. You might not even agree about what the issue is in the first place! If you're casually dating someone, there might be vagaries around spending the night at your place or theirs -- or at all! If you're not sure, wait. For those presently single, you might have to handle some unexpected family crisis, leaving no time for dating. Hang in there.

Your Next 30 Days

Your wallet may have something to be grateful for this month -- and it might be thanks to someone else. Venus enters your 8th House of Shared Resources on November 8, signifying a potential financial collaboration with great benefits for you. This can be an actual business alliance, or it might be someone you hire to help you make more positive financial decisions, such as an accountant. Alternatively, you might celebrate a financial blessing through an award, inheritance, or your partner's income.

Your career is on fire after November 24, when ambitious Mars moves to the top of your chart for the first time in two years. This will be your best chance to crush any professional goals. If you want to launch a business or apply for a promotion, go for it. You've got nothing but green lights!

That said, the month ends with a confusing Full Moon on November 27. It's possible that you'll feel like the only way to keep the peace in your family is through a lie of omission. If partnered, your sweetheart may attempt to convince you to stay quiet. Think twice.

Key themes for Pisces: career, business, goals, success, honor, financial blessings, family confusion, family trouble

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