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May 21 - Jun 20The TwinsAirMercury

Gemini is the curious and versatile communicator of the zodiac. Represented by the twins, they possess a dual nature, which makes them adaptable, witty, and social butterflies. Geminis love to learn and are skilled at seeing both sides of any situation.




Your mind is becoming razor-sharp. Your ruler, Mercury, is entering your 8th House of Secrets, which could make every event feel straight out of the pages of a detective novel, and you're the one who's got to figure out "whodunnit." It's easier to read between the lines and know what people mean, especially if it doesn't match up with what they say. Still, don't let yourself get overly suspicious in your search for the truth, or you might get burned in the process.

Your Week In Love

Emotional dysregulation may seem downright regular at the moment! A Full Moon in your sign on Monday will explain any heightened sensitivity. In addition, however, since Mercury will also square Neptune on this day, you could feel more than a little bit spaced out. It'll probably be extra difficult to make any firm decisions about your love life, so avoid doing so. It'll be painfully easy to second-guess yourself. In other news, watch out for unsavory strangers trying to connect their lives to yours through romance, whether you're single or attached. No matter how attractive they make themselves seem, don't believe the hype!

Your Next 30 Days

A work-related partnership opportunity might develop this month -- however, you'll want to go into this slowly and consider all agreements with care. A New Moon in your partnership sector on December 12 is bringing you the potential connection, but as it's harshly square Neptune in your career sector, the prospects might be too good to be true. You'll want to do your due diligence before signing any contract and definitely before making any type of financial investment together. Mercury turns retrograde in your shared resource sector on December 13. By December 23, the cosmic communicator will spin retrograde in your 7th house, tangling the alliance in complexities. It's possible for the entire thing to fall apart by then if it's not yet on solid ground.

That aside, there might be a romantic opportunity coming your way through work or possibly while you're at the gym, working out. As this develops, though, be aware that your crush may run hot and cold. You might not even realize just how interested this person is because they're trying to seem unaffected. Pay attention to the details.

Key themes for Gemini: business partnerships, commitment issues, shared finances, diligence, office romance, contracts, alliances, partnership breaks

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