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Dec 22 - Jan 19The GoatEarthSaturn

Capricorn is the disciplined and ambitious achiever of the zodiac. They are hardworking, responsible, and determined to climb the ladder of success.Capricorns are practical strategists who value tradition and long-term goals.




Put on your thinking cap, Capricorn! Your mind is working at the speed of light as cosmic communicator Mercury touches down in your sign for its yearly visit, cutting through any fog so you can shine as your sharpest, most brilliant self. Ideas you've been simmering or polishing behind the scenes could finally be ready for a major debut, so don't be shy about sharing your thoughts and projects with the world. Your mind can carry you far when you let it loose.

Your Week In Love

You might feel more like a control freak than usual this week. Perhaps you're in a relationship with someone -- it's possible that you'll go out of your way to dictate the terms of your love connection. You might be feeling more vulnerable than usual and want to ensure that your public image as a couple is seen through a very specific lens; you need to look like a true power couple. It could be a little too much for your partner. If single, you may notice that a VIP connected to your career has eyes for you. You might even reciprocate the attraction. Careful!

Your Next 30 Days

Your social life is ramping up in December! You can look forward to plenty of holiday parties and other gatherings with pals. Venus enters your group-centered 11th house on December 4, and this might open up the opportunity for you and a friend to explore any chemistry you've always shared. Don't hesitate to go for it.

Once Mercury stations retrograde in your sign on December 13, however, you might have to address some communication snafus. You may encounter more misunderstandings than usual, whether you're making them or others are. Be wary of mistakes that you normally wouldn't fall for -- like sending an email to the wrong person or not reading the fine print on an important contract. Take your time and do what you can to repair any breaks that might occur.

A Full Moon in your partnership sector on December 26 will remind you how amazing your sweetheart is if you're already in a committed relationship. If you're dating someone, this could bring a deeper connection and possibly even an engagement or marriage! Single? You can definitely have some love-related fun.

Key themes for Capricorn: friendship, fun, parties, romance, miscommunication, mixed messages, relationships, alliances, marriage

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