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Leo is the charismatic and confident ruler of the zodiac. They have a magnetic presence, and their passion for life shines through in everything they do. Leos are natural-born leaders who love being in the spotlight.




The cosmic iron has heated up, ready to smooth the wrinkles out of your life. Mercury is touching down in your efficient 6th house, hitting the starting bell on a period when you can get your life in order and ensure that you're operating in tip-top shape. If you feel like you've been herding cats lately, this transit makes space for you to properly sort everything, offering you a sense of accomplishment and peace in the process. Use your analytical skills to help you succeed.

Your Week In Love

Gossip might be your undoing this week when it comes to your love life. If you're tempted to chat with friends about your current romantic scenario, make sure you're talking to pals you can trust not to spill the beans! Otherwise, it's possible that your conversation will become fodder for gossip -- depending on the specifics, this might even lead to scandalous rumors. Another potential negative outcome is that a current lover or love interest will overhear a conversation between you and a friend and feel invaded or objectified. You could have been discussing something that they would prefer to stay private. Think twice!

Your Next 30 Days

Expect the unexpected -- for better or for worse. In romance, specifically, be wary of letting love become too blind. Pay attention to your current or potential mate to avoid issues.

The New Moon in your romance sector on December 12 suggests a fresh start in love, though Luna's harsh angle to nebulous Neptune invites smoke and mirrors that may make a risky romance seem like an enchanting love situation. After December 23, Mercury will retrograde in your romance sector, giving you the opportunity to revisit the initial excitement of this connection with more reason. Until then, don't fall too hard.

You also might experience an unexpected career shift that sends a jolt through your domestic life. Perhaps you'll get a job offer from someone you used to work for! With Mercury whirling backward through your work sector through most of December, that is entirely possible. Watch out for the opposition between Venus in your home sector and Uranus in your career sector on December 21! Something about this opportunity may disrupt the peace in your family. Prepare to make a few adjustments.

Key themes for Leo: love, dating, romance, romantic confusion, deceptive love, work, job offers, career change

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