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Cancer is the nurturing and empathetic caretaker of the zodiac. They are highly intuitive, compassionate, and deeply connected to their emotions. Caring for family and loved ones is paramount to Cancer's happiness.




An overly sentimental attitude toward your home or family life might work against you now. While sensual Venus in your domestic zone questions idealistic Neptune in your dogmatic 9th house, rigid beliefs you've picked up about the way things are supposed to look could block you from seeing the blessings you already have all around you. No authority figure, no matter how revered, can decide for you what makes you happy. Take today to make an effort to trust your own impressions.

Your Week In Love

You might be having a crisis of faith this week when it comes to your beliefs about love and relationships. In the end, though, this might be exactly what you need. If you've had far too many unfortunate experiences with relationships slipping through your fingers over time due to lies, deception, or even just not seeing the world through a similar enough lens, the universe is calling you to let go of all of that pain -- once and for all. Don't allow your past experiences to define what the future can become. Thoughts create your reality, and it's time for you to create something beautiful.

Your Next 30 Days

Your domestic life might finally become everything you've always dreamed of, with peace prevailing between you and everyone in your clan. In addition to your efforts to make peace, you can thank Venus for soothing your home sector from November 8 until December 4. Venus will bring its effortless ability to smooth over any rough edges in family relationship dynamics.

You might, however, have to walk with caution in matters of the heart. A New Moon in your romance sector on November 13 could bring a love interest your way, if single. In that case, they'll probably be quite out of the ordinary! It will take time to trust the connection.

After November 24, the energy you'll have to complete work assignments should be extra impressive -- thanks to Mars entering your work sector. Your speed could be fantastic, but make sure you don't start getting sloppy. Faster isn't always better.

Business aside, the Full Moon on November 27 in your hidden 12th house might leave you feeling more spiritual. It's time to nurture your soul by unplugging from life's chaos. Let Luna renew your spirit.

Key themes for Cancer: family harmony, home, domestic bliss, sensuality, unexpected romance, affairs, children, work, spirituality

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