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Oct 23 - Nov 21The ScorpionWaterPluto

Scorpio is the intense and mysterious powerhouse of the zodiac. Their emotions run deep, and they are fiercely loyal to those they care about. Scorpios have a magnetic aura that draws people in, but they also value their privacy.




Jarring dissonance between your fantasies and reality may throw you off track today. You can go with the flow while Venus dances through your sleepy 12th house, but you'll be brought back to the real world when the Goddess of Pleasure picks a fight with Pluto in your busy 3rd house. People may come forward, demanding you do this or change that -- their needs could force you to leave your daydreams for another time. Hiding away is not a viable option, unfortunately.

Your Week In Love

Be careful not to take everything said to you at face value this week. A Full Moon in your 8th House of Intimacy may have you craving a deeper emotional connection. At the same time, though, Mercury will be square Neptune, creating some confusion. Your emotional desires might be heightened so much that your logical mind betrays you. Single? You may fall for someone who really is all smoke and mirrors -- in other words, full of it! If you're in a relationship, then your partner could attempt to evade an important conversation. Pay attention and ask yourself if they're just saying what they think you want to hear.

Your Next 30 Days

You're starting the month off on a high note! This month, confidence is key to your ability to magnetically attract love, money, and opportunities your way. This is all thanks to Venus entering Scorpio on December 4, granting almost magical powers of beauty and persuasion. Use them well. The only fly in the ointment of your Venus in Scorpio blessing is when Venus is opposite Uranus in your partnership sector on December 21. A business or personal alliance might experience a disruption -- anything from a hairline fracture to a full break.

Fortunately, fresh opportunities are coming your way financially around the New Moon in your earned income sector on December 12. Although this lunation is square Neptune, as long as you don't take any gambles with your money, you should be just fine. That said, be sure to carefully review contracts and other agreements once Mercury turns retrograde on December 13. You might need to negotiate terms on a financial contract specifically after December 23. Love and partnership matters start looking more fortunate again after December 30 when Jupiter turns direct in your relationship sector. Lucky you!

Key themes for Scorpio: love, beauty, money, attraction, financial opportunities, miscommunication, contracts, siblings, mental shifts

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