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The pair haven't worked together since their doomed stint on ITV's breakfast show.
Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley are to reunite on a new TV show, marking the first time they will have worked together
Adrian Chiles is set to return to ‘The One Show’, five years after quitting to join ITV. The magazine programme’s former
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER Bill Turnbull Charlie Stayt, who currently presents ‘BBC Breakfast’ on Thursdays
Conservative Peer Lord Bell came under fire today after telling a less-than-amusing “joke” about the fatal Germanwings crash
Co-commentators are meant to offer intelligent insights into football, with the aim to embellish and enlighten the people who watch. But at the moment, there's a host of former players out there making us seem like we're the smart ones.
Adrian Chiles has been removed from ITV's football coverage with immediate effect. He will be replaced by sports journalist
Adrian Chiles’ time as an ITV football presenter has come to an abrupt end, as the TV host has been dropped, with immediate
Mr Farage says he represents the ordinary person in the street and yet he has very little in common with the those he claims to represent - being educated at public school and as an ex City financier and someone who has since been paid vast amounts of money by the EU - the very organisation he claims to hate so much.
What we didn't expect was for the qualifiers to become something more than a formality. The big teams may still qualify with ease, (four more wins, all their home games, should be enough to see England qualify), but the competition for those extra places has brought life back into what was quite a dull part of international football.
Adrian Chiles has found himself at the centre of a Facebook campaign to have him sacked from presenting ITV's football coverage
LIKE US ON FACEBOOK | FOLLOW US ON TWITTER The game was Alan Hansen's final appearance as a 'Match Of The Day' pundit and
This has been an amusing tournament so far, if only for the verbal interplay in the TV studio between ex-footballers and assorted armchair experts whose gone-to-seed physiques are crammed awkwardly between the four corners of our screens...