Alan Turing

Alan Turing looks set to receive a pardon, after the government lent its support to a Bill that would overturn the wartime
Google has helped to secure the legacy of Bletchley Park, the wartime HQ of Alan Turing and Britain's heroic codebreakers
Jean-Claude Roger Mbédé is not a rich man, nor a part of his country's elite. He may never be an Alan Turing, he may be something else, something greater, but he'll be only a fraction of the person he could be while his identity remains the subject of cynical criminal sanctions.
Britain's spy agencies have launched an apprenticeship scheme for teenagers to find the next 'James Bond', it has been not
The head of intelligence agency GCHQ has paid tribute to World War II codebreaker Alan Turing, saying that the "cost of intolerance
Programmers have developed computer-controlled gamers which are more 'realistic' than humans. The study was an offshoot of
Dr Black visited Brazil recently and toured the country lecturing on Bletchley Park and Alan Turing - 2012 being the one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Turing.
The 100th anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing has been marked all over the world - but at the University of Manchester
Alan Turing, the Second World War codebreaker widely regarded as the father of modern computing, may not have committed suicide
Alan Turing is a name with which a great many people are familiar, but probably not enough. A highly accomplished mathematician, codebreaker and computer scientist, he has been hailed as a pioneer and hero in the fields of modern computing and sexual politics.