alcohol abuse

Booze-free LGBTQ+ events are popping up over the UK – and this is why they're vitally important.
People are stressed out in quarantine and turning to alcohol to cope with Covid-19. How much is too much?
At 36, I had never gone on a first date without drinking two to infinity glasses of wine.
The rapper made a dig about the former England and Tottenham midfielder online.
A UK company is developing an alcohol alternative which could give drinkers the sociable, happy buzz that comes from drinking without the hangover the next day. The drug, Alcarelle, is still three years away from a finished bottled product, but the inventors are optimistic it can help tackle the deadly consequences of alcohol misuse, which accounts for 3.3 million deaths globally per year. But charity Alcohol Change UK says the product won’t tackle the root causes of alcohol abuse.
One in five people have been harmed by somebody else’s drinking in the past year.
Comes as alcohol specific deaths in the UK reached a 10-year high in 2017.